The boredom Ninja!
  The Daily Poll

What is Your zombie plan?
baricaded myself in grocery store, build walls,scavange food Etc...
Stay at home and tell all My friends your house is open, if they survive, and defend ourselves until the goverment instructs otherwise
play it rambo And shoot all of them down
Join the army, Protect your country
Find a bunker, gathe supplise, invite friends
Erm... Whats a zombie?

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What Do you think would make this site better?
more games
More Polls
More videos
Better Organisation
Your site needs More Cowbell! (other)

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what do you think about the site?
What you call this piece of crap a site?(-5, bad)
not worth it...(-1)
OK i guess (0, neutral)
it's worth the visit(+2)

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What do you think about the name?
The name reminds me of a bored ninja...
The name reminds me of a Ninja the defends me from boredum.

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